Zap-Pay FAQs

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This section of the FAQs addresses your frequently asked questions about Zap-Pay, the simple way to pay across participating networks from within the Zap-Map app. Related electric vehicle (EV) and charging issues are covered in our other FAQs pages.

What is Zap-Pay?

Zap-Pay is our simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from within the Zap-Map app.

Where can I use Zap-Pay?

Osprey (formerly Engenie), ESB EV solutions and on-street charging provider are live Zap-Pay partners. MFG EV Power, Revive, Mer and nationwide charging network GeniePoint are the latest networks to sign up to Zap-Pay, alongside on-street providers Connected Kerb and Charge My Street. The networks will go live soon once technical integration is complete.

We are continually signing up new networks and expect to add hundreds more charge points to the Zap-Pay network in the course of 2022.

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How does Zap-Pay work?

Zap-Pay is an app-based payment system that uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging.

The process is simple for the user and is part of the standard check-in process on Zap-Map. On a Zap-Pay payment-enabled point, the user selects the charger from within the app, selects the credit / debit card and starts charging.

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How much does Zap-Pay cost?

Zap-Pay has a simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) price structure that will be set at the same or similar level to the charging networks’ standard PAYG price. Zap-Map reserves the right to charge a small transaction fee per session to the customer. This will be set at 0.0p for the foreseeable future.

How do I pay for charging via Zap-Map?

When you’re at the charge point, open the charge point within the app, select a connector, select Zap-Pay as the payment method and the card you would like to use, and start charging.

Once your charging session is complete, you will be sent a VAT receipt, and if you are a registered user this will also be stored within your Zap-Map account.

Do I need to be registered to use Zap-Pay?

No, there is no need for any membership or subscription to use Zap-Pay. If you use Zap-Pay with the free account, you will have a more streamlined process, be able to save cards and view your full charging history.

There is also a guest option available that does not require registration.

How do I add my debit/credit card to Zap-Pay?

To add a debit/credit card to use Zap-Pay is quite simple: sign in to the app, go to Settings in the bottom right corner (on iOS) or click on the hamburger icon in the top left-hand corner (on Android), click ‘Zap-Pay cards’ then click the plus sign in the top right-hand corner and follow instructions to add your card.

You can store multiple cards and remove cards you no longer need if logged in. There will be a pre-authorisation charge of 5p per card, which will be returned to you by your bank.

How can I find charge points that take Zap-Pay?

To find charge points that Zap-Pay can be used on, click into Filters in the map page, then ‘Payment’ and tap the ‘Zap-Pay’ option, then click ‘Apply’ to filter on it.

How can I find charge points that take contactless credit or debit cards?

To find charge points that take contactless credit/debit cards, click into Filters in the map page, then ‘Payment’ and tap the ‘Contactless debit or credit card’ option. Click ‘Apply’ to filter down.

How can I see my receipts?

If using Zap-Pay while logged in, the receipt from charging will be stored within your account, which you can then view, and it will also be emailed to you.

Guest users will have the receipt emailed to the specified email address.

What is the £5 pre-authorisation charge I see every time I use Zap-Pay?

To make sure that your payment card is valid and also that there are funds available in your account, we make a £5 pre-authorisation charge. This is not a completed payment, but reserves £5 in your account prior to the completed charging session. The £5 will appear in the ‘pending’ section of your online bank account, but you won’t be debited.

When the session is complete, the pre-authorisation is removed once the full payment is successfully completed.

How can we add Zap-Pay to our charge point network?

Zap-Map works closely with Charge Point Operators in the UK to provide cross-network payment, integrated live status data, market insights and analysis – all with the aim of increasing network visibility and utilisation. Find out more on our networks page.

How can I get support from Zap-Map about Zap-Pay?

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Zap-Pay offers 24/7 support by telephone number 0333 2000 247 or email

For all payment related issues, Zap-Pay has a 24/7 multi-lingual helpdesk provided by EVA Global, an international, leading managed services provider, specialised in the electric mobility industry.