Zap-Map EV Charging Survey

ev charging survey

About the EV Charging Survey 2020

The EV Charging Survey Report is conducted by Zap-Map to better understand the charging needs of EV drivers, the findings being used to improve Zap-Map and EV charging facilities in the UK.

The report presents the results from the survey conducted in 2020 together with findings from previous annual surveys in 2017-2020.

The issues explored in the survey include: EV ownership, models and motivations for purchase; EV charging at home and at the workplace; and EV charging on the public network – usage, charger types, location types, charging duration, network preferences, users satisfaction, pricing preferences and incentives. Detailed sample data is also provided as are data exports from the Zap-Map database.

EV Charging Insights Report 2020

The 50-page report, which includes 40 data slides, is available in PDF format, and is supplied under a single organisation (or individual) license for in-house use only. The content of the report is structured in six sections:

1. Survey overview – Respondents, EV types and models, EV ownership

2. EV charging at home – Charger access, Parking type, Charger power, Installed services, Charger sharing

3. EV charging at work – Charger access, Parking type, Charger power, Installed services, Charger sharing

4. EV charging on public network – Usage, Providers, Frequency of use, User priorities, User satisfaction, Charger power, Location type, Charge on arrival, Charging duration, Rapid pricing, Rapid incentives

5. Sample data – EV usage, EV models, Age distribution, Household income, Annual EV mileage, Vehicle purchase and use

6. Zap-Map database – Connectors by power and type, Charge devices by network, Rapid devices by network, All devices by location type

You can download a summary report of the key findings for free, while the full report is available at an introductory price of £530+VAT (a 33% discount for the first 25 reports sold) and thereafter at the standard price of £795+VAT.

To purchase and download the EV Charging Survey Report 2020, click on the button below. Claim the 33% discount by applying the code ZAPMAP33 during checkout.


The report is supplied under license for a single organisation or individual for in-house use only. Other than in-house use by a single nominated organisation or individual, no part of the publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Next Green Car Ltd.

Other Zap-Insights services

In addition to the EV Charging Survey Report, Zap-Map offers a suite of Zap-Insights services to support the roll-out of the EV sector through the provision of analytical and data support. These currently include:

Quarterly Market Tracker – A quarterly report which provides detailed UK market analysis of static data for EV charging devices. This report can be used to identify EV charger hotspots and opportunities to provide input to commercial and installation strategies.

Charger Utilisation Reports – Based on dynamic tracking for the majority of connected UK charging devices, Zap-Map provides quarterly network-anonymous analysis of charger utilisation rates including charging profiles over time.

Network Performance Benchmark – Based on dynamic tracking of connected UK charging devices, Zap-Map provides monthly benchmarking of network performance as compared to average performance.

Network Pricing Report – As part of its marketing monitoring, Zap-Map tracks pricing tariffs for all major UK networks via a monthly report showing current pricing for each network and includes details of pricing changes and promotions within each month.

EV Market Report – In addition to tracking the EV charging sector, through its close association with Next Green Car, Zap-Map provides market analysis and forecasting reports of the EV market.

example charts from quarterly market tracker


Please contact Zap-Map if you would like to discuss the above Zap-Insights services or other bespoke data requirements.

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