Car Tax Calculator

Use the electric Car Tax Calculator to compare the road tax, company car tax and the Congestion Charge payable over three years of a plug-in vehicle with an alternative petrol, diesel or other plug-in car.

How does electric car tax compare to petrol and diesel car tax?

The electric Car Tax Calculator can be used to compare car taxes payable for a plug-in vehicle compared to a conventional petrol or diesel car, or indeed an alternative plug-in car. To use the tool, select an electric vehicle from our list of new or used plug-in vehicles and select another vehicle for comparison. Next, select ‘Yes’ if you are a company car driver and select the frequency that the London congestion charge applies to your journey, if at all.

For details about car tax and how the electric Car Tax Calculator estimate rates of tax, follow the link to the Car Tax Calculator Guide.

Results of the calculation will show the cost difference in VED road tax when comparing an electric vehicle with either a petrol/diesel vehicle or an alternative electric vehicle. If the vehicle is a company car and the London congestion charge is also applicable, savings in Benefit In Kind (BIK) company car tax and congestion charges will also be shown.