Public Charging Calculator

Use Zap-Map’s Public Charging Calculator to estimate the cost to fully or partially charge your electric vehicle (EV) when using the public charging network.

Across the UK, the public network provides invaluable additional charging support to EV drivers, as well as the opportunity to extend journey distances. Together, UK public charging networks offer a mix of slow, fast and rapid charging options.

The Public Charging Calculator will help you find out how long it will take to charge your EV at a slow, fast or rapid charger as well as the cost to charge your electric car.

How much does it cost to charge an EV on the public network?

When undertaking a longer journey in your electric car, or if you do not have access to home charging, then charging on the public network will be essential. Currently there are 30479 devices on the UK public charging network of which 5459 are rapid chargers.

Prepare for your electric journeys by using the Public Charging Calculator to find out how long it will take to charge your EV at a slow, fast or rapid charger. If you know the charge point tariff, you will also be able to calculate the cost for using the charger, ensuring that you are well informed before using the public charging network in the UK.

To find more information on how to use the Public Charging Calculator, use the Public Charging Calculator Guide.

You can also find more information on how to access the different public charging networks, or visit the statistics page to see the profile of public charging by speed, location type and region.